SSM India


Region: South India Owned By: Multiple Partners Sector: Manufacturing

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Company Summary

SSM India is one of the largest vertically integrated apparel manufacturers. It has an annual turnover of $60 million, producing 12 million articles of knitted garments per year. The company operates six facilities and employs around 5,000 people. 



Brands Owned:

SSM Fine Yarn, SSM Fabric, Sumeru Knits, Sumeru Garments, Akshara Textiles

Pithalaipatty, Batlagundu Road, Dindigul, 624002, India

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Source: Captured by Cotton

Documented Abuses Within Company

What abuses has this company committed with its practices?

Severe Human Rights Abuses:

Abuse Summary
Restricted movement (Imprisonment) Workers live in hostels and aren't allowed to leave freely. Source
Forced Labor (Slavery) Wages held hostage to prevent workers from leaving at will. Source
Child Labor (Worst Forms) Recruits girls as young as age 15. Source
Forced Separation of Minors from Family Underaged workers limited to monthly 1 hr visits Source

General Labor Rights Abuses:

Abuse Summary
Restricted Association (Assembly and Unionization) Trade Unions are Prohibited Source
Unfair Wages Employer uses "apprenticeship" loophole to pay below minimum wage. Source
Mandatory Work Hours in Excess of Weekly Limits Forced Overtime and Day+Night Shifts Source

Documented Abuses Within Supply Chain

What abuses has this company supported with its purchases?

Severe Human Rights Abuses:

No Record

General Labor Rights Abuses:

No Record

SSM India has not publicized the full details of their supply chain.