Recorded Abuse for SSM India

Forced Labor (Slavery)

Slavery includes all forms of forced and bonded labor.

As Reported in: Captured by Cotton by SOMO - Centre for Research on Multinational Corp, India Committee of the Netherlands

With Contributions From: Campaign Against Sumangali Schemes, European Coalition for Corporate Justice

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The lump sum, which is being saved up by withholding part of the worker’s wage every month, varies between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000, depending on the scheme period. The scheme period varies between three and four years.

In order to complete the scheme period the workers have to complete a certain amount of services. One service consists of 26 days (a month). If the scheme period is three years, then the worker would have to complete 36 services. If a worker misses one day, one service (another 26 days) will be added in order to complete the scheme period. Many workers are thus forced to stay longer than the agreed period in order to receive the lump sum amount. If a worker decides to leave the factory before the scheme period has been completed they have to inform the management about their reasons for quitting. If the management accepts the reason, then part of the lump sum will be paid out. In many cases, the management doesn’t accept the reason and consequently no lump sum will be paid out. 

These actions are in violation of the following treaties:
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